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Gemstone Dirt
Home of the 1061 ct. sapphire featured in People Weekly, Disney Adventure, and Rock & Gem Magazines.

Image Click to view item details Product NumberPrice
Mystic Topaz Pear cut 1ct11151$20.00
Mystic Topaz Pear cut 2ct11152$40.00
Mystic Topaz Pear cut 3ct11153$60.00
Mystic Topaz Pear cut 5ct11154$100.00
Mystic Topaz Pear cut 9ct11155$180.00
Mystic Topaz Pear cut 18ct11158$360.00
Mystic Topaz Round 4ct11164$80.00
Mystic Topaz Round 5ct11165$100.00
Mystic Topaz Emerald cut 4ct11170$80.00
Mystic Topaz Emerald cut 5ct11174$100.00
Mystic Topaz Emerald cut 10ct11177$200.00
Mystic Topaz Emerald cut 20ct11179$400.00
Mystic Topaz Oval cut 3ct11182$60.00
Mystic Topaz Oval cut 5ct11183$100.00
Mystic Topaz Oval cut 10ct11186$200.00
Mystic Topaz Oval cut 20ct11188$400.00
Blue Topaz Pear cut 3ct11253$60.00
Blue Topaz Pear cut 5ct11254$100.00
Blue Topaz Pear cut 9ct11255$180.00
Blue Topaz Emerald cut 3ct11272$60.00
Blue Topaz Emerald cut 5ct11274$100.00
Blue Topaz Emerald cut 10ct11277$200.00
Blue Topaz Oval cut 3ct11282$60.00
Blue Topaz Oval cut 5ct11283$100.00
Blue Topaz Oval cut 10ct11286$200.00
Amethyst Pear cut 3ct11353$60.00
Amethyst Pear cut 5ct11354$100.00
Amethyst Emerald cut 1ct11370$20.00
Amethyst Emerald cut 3ct11372$60.00
Amethyst Emerald cut 4ct11373$80.00
Amethyst Emerald cut 5ct11374$100.00
Amethyst Emerald cut 6ct11375$120.00
Amethyst Emerald cut 8ct11376$160.00
Amethyst Emerald cut 10ct11377$200.00
Amethyst Oval cut 1ct11380$20.00
Amethyst Oval cut 2ct11381$40.00
Amethyst Oval cut 3ct11382$60.00
Amethyst Oval cut 5ct11383$100.00
Amethyst Oval cut 6ct11384$120.00
Amethyst Oval cut 8ct11385$160.00
Amethyst Oval cut 10ct11386$200.00
Citrine Pear cut 1ct11451$20.00
Citrine Pear cut 2ct11452$40.00
Citrine Pear cut 3ct11453$60.00
Citrine Pear cut 5ct11454$100.00
Citrine Pear cut 9ct11455$180.00
Citrine Pear cut 11ct11456$220.00
Citrine Emerald cut 1ct11470$20.00
Citrine Emerald cut 2ct11471$40.00
Citrine Emerald cut 3ct11472$60.00
Citrine Emerald cut 4ct11473$80.00
Citrine Emerald cut 5ct11474$100.00
Citrine Emerald cut 6ct11475$120.00
Citrine Oval cut 1ct11480$20.00
Citrine Oval cut 2ct11481$40.00
Citrine Oval cut 3ct11482$60.00
Citrine Oval cut 5ct11483$100.00
Citrine Oval cut 6ct11484$120.00
Citrine Oval cut 8ct11485$160.00
Citrine Oval cut 10ct11486$200.00
Citrine Oval cut 14ct11487$280.00
Garnet Pear cut 1ct11551$20.00
Garnet Pear cut 2ct11552$40.00
Garnet Pear cut 3ct11553$60.00
Garnet Pear cut 5ct11554$100.00
Garnet Pear cut 9ct11555$180.00
Garnet Emerald cut 1ct11570$20.00
Garnet Emerald cut 2ct11571$40.00
Garnet Emerald cut 3ct11572$60.00
Garnet Emerald cut 4ct11573$80.00
Garnet Emerald cut 5ct11574$100.00
Garnet Oval cut 1ct11580$20.00
Garnet Oval cut 2ct11581$40.00
Garnet Oval cut 3ct11582$60.00
Garnet Oval cut 5ct11583$100.00
Garnet Oval cut 6ct11584$120.00
Smoky Quartz Pear cut 2ct11652$40.00
Smoky Quartz Pear cut 3ct11653$60.00
Smoky Quartz Pear cut 5ct11654$100.00
Smoky Quartz Pear cut 9ct11655$180.00
Smoky Quartz Pear cut 11ct11656$220.00
Smoky Quartz Emerald cut 1ct11670$20.00
Smoky Quartz Emerald cut 2ct11671$40.00
Smoky Quartz Emerald cut 3ct11672$60.00
Smoky Quartz Emerald cut 4ct11673$80.00
Smoky Quartz Emerald cut 5ct11674$100.00
Smoky Quartz Emerald cut 6ct11675$120.00
Smoky Quartz Emerald cut 8ct11676$160.00
Smoky Quartz Emerald cut 10ct11677$200.00
Smoky Quartz Oval cut 1ct11680$20.00
Smoky Quartz Oval cut 2ct11681$40.00
Smoky Quartz Oval cut 3ct11682$60.00
Smoky Quartz Oval cut 5ct11683$80.00
Smoky Quartz Oval cut 6ct11684$120.00
Smoky Quartz Oval cut 8ct11685$160.00
Smoky Quartz Oval cut 10ct11686$200.00
Silver Topaz Pear cut 1ct11751$20.00
Silver Topaz Pear cut 2ct11752$40.00
Silver Topaz Pear cut 3ct11753$60.00
Silver Topaz Pear cut 5ct11754$100.00
Silver Topaz Pear cut 9ct11755$180.00
Silver Topaz Pear cut 11ct11756$220.00
Silver Topaz Round cut 1ct11761$20.00
Silver Topaz Round cut 2ct11762$40.00
Silver Topaz Round cut 3ct11763$60.00
Silver Topaz Round 4ct11764$80.00
Silver Topaz Round 5ct11765$100.00
Silver Topaz Round 6ct11766$120.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 1ct11770$20.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 2ct11771$40.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 3ct11772$60.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 4ct11773$80.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 5ct11774$100.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 6ct11775$120.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 8ct11776$160.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 10ct11777$200.00
Silver Topaz Emerald cut 14ct11778$280.00
Silver Topaz Oval cut 1ct11780$20.00
Silver Topaz Oval cut 2ct11781$40.00
Silver Topaz Oval cut 3ct11782$60.00
Silver Topaz Oval cut 5ct11783$100.00
Silver Topaz Oval cut 6ct11784$120.00
Silver Topaz Oval cut 8ct11785$160.00
Silver Topaz Oval cut 10ct11786$200.00
Silver Topaz Oval cut 14ct11787$280.00
Emerald cut 1 ct21001$60.00
Emerald cut 2 cts21002$140.00
Blue Sapphire oval cut 2ct21013$120.00
Blue Sapphire oval Cab 3ct21014$180.00
Blue Sapphire Oval Cab 4ct21015$240.00
Blue Sapphire Oval Cab 5ct21016$300.00
RUBY OVAL CUT 1 CT21017$60.00
RUBY OVAL CUT 2 CTS21018$120.00
RUBY OVAL CUT 3 CTS21019$180.00
RUBY ROUND CUT 1 CT21020$60.00
RUBY ROUND CUT 2 CTS21021$120.00
Ametrine Emerald cut 2ct21022$100.00
Ametrine Emerald cut 3ct21024$150.00
Ametrine Emerald cut 5ct21025$250.00
Aquamarine Emerald cut 1ct21100$60.00
Aquamarine Emerald cut 2ct21102$120.00
Aquamarine Emerald cut 3ct21103$180.00
Aquamarine Emerald cut 4ct21104$240.00
Ruby Cab 1ct21201$50.00
Ruby Cab 2ct21202$100.00
Ruby Cab 3ct21203$150.00
Ruby Cab 4ct21204$200.00
Ruby Cab 5ct21205$250.00
Ruby Cab 6ct21206$300.00
Sapphire Facet 1ct21301$60.00
Sapphire Facet 2ct21302$120.00
Sapphire Facet 3ct21303$180.00
Sapphire Facet 4ct21304$240.00
Sapphire Facet 5ct21305$250.00
Sapphire Facet 6ct21306$300.00




Come to Gold City for a day full of fun and excitement for the whole family.  Mine in our new and improved, covered flume rain or shine.  Keep what you find!  Take all mined stones in to our jeweler for free gem identification.  Professional cutting is also available in our jewelry store along with a wide variety of gold and silver jewelry.

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